Top Ten Best College Majors for Jobs

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College graudate receiving many job offers
College graudate receiving many job offers

In reviewing all of the entry level job postings at, there are certain majors where the demand continues to outstrip supply. Note that general industry growth may not be reflected in entry level hiring. The best majors for entry level are where there is a greater supply of jobs than the supply of available graduates. This is what often results in multiple job offers for graduates with these majors. If you are one of the relative few in these majors, your job search will be easier for you in finding a job both as an intern as well as after graduation.

Following are the top majors for finding a job after graduation:

1. Computer Science

Remember the predictions that we would be shipping our CompSci jobs offshore? Nonsense. Computer science degrees, especially those from name brand schools, remain the highest in demand of all majors. Many graduates have multiple job offers from which to choose.

2. Marketing

One of the highest demand roles for newly minted college grads is Sales. So if you are a Marketing major willing to work in Sales (i.e. not theoretical marketing, but actually selling stuff that people want and need), you will find a plethora of opportunities. And Sales is traditionally one of the best paying professions as well.

3. Nursing

The aging of our population continues to increase our need for qualified nurses and other medical personnel in associated fields. The knock on the field is that advancement remains difficult. However, if you are dedicated to serving others in a meaningful way, nursing is a great career to consider.

4. Electrical Engineering

You get to design, develop and test electrical equipment. And get paid for it. Paid very well. This is one of the most employable majors to have as a college graduate, with most graduates receiving multiple job offers.

5. Accounting

It’s not a coincidence that 4 of the top 10 employers in the Top Entry Level Employers list are accounting firms. Both public and private accounting are seeking newly minted accountants in audit, tax and corporate accounting. In addition, the career is often a stepping stone to management and upper management opportunities.

6. Chemical Engineering

Lots of opportunities to work with new technologies, including clean energy, medical, plastic resins (think carbon fiber) and biotech. There are diverse opportunities, but you likely will need to be willing to relocate to find a job in ChemEng, unless you hail from a major city or manufacturing hub.

7. Finance

Plenty of demand, although the greatest demand is at the top end of the field. So you will need excellent grades or a degree from a name brand school to compete for the best positions. Or both.

8. Biomedical Engineering

The biomed field is growing not only due to the biomed industry, but also related industries of healthcare and medical devices. Smartphone usage and the rise of technology such as 3D printing further add to the demand. The results is a high demand for newly minted biomedical engineers.

9. Human Resources

There are two entry points for HR: HR Representative (also known as HR Generalist) and Recruiter. The former is a traditional corporate overhead role, while the latter is a combination of sales and HR. So if you’re introverted, the former will work best for you, while if you are extroverted, the latter is likely a better fit.

10. Actuarial Science

There are not a lot of actuaries, but there are fewer still graduates with actuarial science degrees, setting up a favorable supply/demand gap. Most actuaries will work in the insurance field, although there are other roles in healthcare and government as well. Those who have passed at least two actuary exams and have completed an internship will have the best opportunities available.

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